What we do

Pine-biotech was founded by a team of biologists, clinicians mathematicians and computer scientists that experienced first-hand the key role big data acquired in biomedicine, biotech and agriculture. With growing data availability, yet its heterogeneity and complexity, it is not sufficient to design innovative algorithms to detect patterns. To go from patterns to insights, people – biologists, clinicians, students, technicians – need to be empowered to work with data independently. That’s why our founding team united behind the vision to simplify bioinformatics.

What we do?

By offering hands-on learning with user-friendly analytics solutions, we envision more people doing data-driven, reproducible research which solves biomedical, biotech, and agrotech challenges and helps more people live happier healthier lives.


These solutions were designed by scientists to help others do real science. Our core technology was developed at the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center at University of Haifa, Israel. The founding team worked to help solve real scientific problems funded by grants and collaborations with academia and industry partners around the world.

That’s why we don’t believe in black boxes, fancy labels and magical results. The T-Bio platform is a “glass box” — you can see exactly what you are doing at each step and what other options are available for the same task. From processing to analysis and integration, we strive to eliminate the complexity of technical challenges, not simplify the process to the point of a single template that every project must follow. This approach allows flexibility and scalability and after the analysis has been completed, you know how all the pieces fit together. Our A.I. engine provides guidance along the way helping eliminate common mistakes. Informative pop-ups with references and examples will help you learn from curated datasets and explore open-source software utilized by experts in their fields. Helpful scripts and alternatives, combined in logical sections can help troubleshoot and mine your data until you can rely on your results.


Scientists need to be enabled to make research discoveries, but they don’t need to be proficient at coding or installing obscure packages on Linux to do so. Every student needs to be enabled with data skills and analysis logic to succeed in their research, excel in careers and be ready for the world of data we live in. Schools, universities and colleges need to be equipped to help faculty and students learn and use data

Our OmicsLogic Program makes complex topics like bioinformatics, machine learning and systems medicine easy to incorporate into existing curricula and help students and faculty transition to data-driven research projects. Utilizing our proprietary T-Bio Informatics Platform researchers can explore systems biology at multi-omics scale and define the interplay between subcellular regulation, molecular structures, disease and treatment. These solutions provide data analysis, modeling and machine learning all in a consistent and user-friendly environment that is driven by artifical intelligence and designed with human experience.


Beyond our core technology, we offer a number of services, leveraging our expertise in data science and experience in many research projects:

Data Science Services and Consulting:

  • Data science services (expertise with machine and deep learning for biomedical data)
  • Development of new pipelines for processing omics data
  • Image and video analysis and data insights
  • Research project collaborations

Solutions, Computational Challenges and Infrastructure:

Bioinformatics support, hardware and software solutions to optimize data processing, analysis, integration and visualization capabilities

Educational Program Development and Implementation:

  • Independent, virtual learning with our online data science courses
  • In-person bioinformatics workshops with practical examples to take straight from the classroom to the bench
  • University / college accreditation and certification in data science
  • Implementation of an educational program on your campus that promotes active research and transforms students into contributors
  • Career transition support through expanded, transferable skills

We provide products, solutions and services so that everyone can analyze data and make new discoveries – without ever having to code.  For further inquiries, please contact us:

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