OmicsLogic Bioinformatics & Data Science Training For NAIPI

OmicsLogic Bioinformatics And Data Science Training For National Association of IDeA Principal Investigators (NAIPI) With the advancement of science and technology, large amounts of complex biological data are being generated through high throughput technologies. From biomolecular archeology to study ancient DNA recovered from fossilized bones and teeth to to developing biodefense countermeasures using pathogen genomic …

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Scientific Outreach Coordinator

Job Title: Scientific Outreach Coordinator What are we looking for? We are interested in hiring a hardworking and enthusiastic Outreach Coordinator to join our Marketing team. As a Scientific Outreach Coordinator, you are responsible for organizing various media outreach events. You are also responsible for collecting and analyzing quantitative data via research. You should be …

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Bioinformatics Mentor and Program Coordinator

Job Title: Bioinformatics Mentor and Program Coordinator What are we looking for? We’re looking for a person with a good grasp of molecular biology and data science, interested in research project support, curriculum development, and teaching. You would be working closely with the curriculum development and training coordinator and assist them with research projects, student …

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Student Mentors

Job Position: Student Mentors Who are we looking for? The positions are for bioinformatics B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. students, recent graduates from a bioinformatics/biomedical informatics department of a university (or equivalent experience of 2+ years) – paid summer position as a mentor to research students from high schools online. We are looking for skilled and …

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Research Support

Job Position: Research Support Who are we looking for? We are looking for an individual who can join us for a full-time Research Support Position. We are looking for an individual who can learn about the operations and perform research and analysis in support of operations and has basic knowledge of Bioinformatics Learn about operations  …

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Campus Growth Ambassador

Job Position: Campus Growth Ambassador Description:- As a Campus ambassador student will be in-charge of bringing awareness and engagement for Omics Logic programs & gain the skillset for Bioinformatics & Research, Business Development, and Content Development. Students will also get a chance to interact with other students and research scholars around the work and present …

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Bioinformatics Training Program Coordinator (USA)

Job Title: Bioinformatics Training Program Coordinator (USA) Roles and Responsibilities: We are looking for a program coordinator for our US training programs in collaboration with NAIPI ( The program coordinator has to be an excellent verbal and written communicator, passionate about bioinformatics and data science for biomedical research (non-biomedical areas of expertise will also be …

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Infectious Diseases

Bioinformatics for Infectious Diseases

OmicsLogic is coming up with a 1-month online mentor-guided Training program on “Bioinformatics for Infectious Diseases”, commencing from February 14, 2022. This program is dedicated to the study of viral diversity and its role in epidemic infectious diseases that keep re-emerging, including zoonotic spillover, transmission between humans, and the process of viral and bacterial disease …

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