Spring 2019 Bioinformatics Research Internship


We are seeking a Bioinformatics Intern for a three-month paid internship. The goal of this internship is to provide life sciences students with an opportunity to participate in research projects and leverage bioinformatics and computational analysis. Projects focus on different research areas, including oncology, immunology, neuroscience, agrotech, biotech, ecology and others. Each project consists of various datasets, primarily focusing on -omics technologies. The analysis is conducted primarily using the T-BioInfo platform that combines public-domain and proprietary methods.

As a member of our team, you will be mentored by a senior member of Pine Biotech or a scientist from a collaborating institution.  Your primary role will be to support various research projects developed by faculty, students and industry collaborators.

Benefits of interning at Pine Biotech include opportunities to work with a variety of datasets and scientific projects, learn applied bioinformatics methods without a need to know how to code in the context of bioinformatics problems, and to further Pine Biotech’s mission of promoting open science, reproducible research and omics data analysis method popularization among non-engineers.

Internship Characteristics:

Research Topics and Activities:

  • Cell and Molecular Biology (Oncology, Neuroscience, Immunology)
  • Data Analysis (processing, analysis, statistical analysis, machine learning)
  • Visual, verbal and written communication

Work style:

Must be able to work in a dynamic environment (interacting with remote, international and on-site team). Interns can choose between part-time and full-time commitment, but have to adhere to strict deadlines, have experience with project management. Must be comfortable presenting and interacting with audiences (small and large). When specified, confidentiality and professional handling of communications is expected.

Desired Qualifications:

Education level:

Minimum Bachelors in Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Mathematics, Computer Science or Engineering. Some experience in a research project is preferred.

Familiarity with our products:

For reference, please see the following sites:


The position is an intern position, with compensation linked to years of experience.

How to be accepted:

For your internship application to be considered, you must complete 2 courses on the edu.t-bio.info platform. When reviewing applications, we are looking for the profiles on the edu site. With your application, please submit a 1-page summary for the course you took and how you think these kinds of courses might be relevant for students, faculty and industry users.