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Quantification Estimation, Differential Gene Expression, Single Cell Analysis (Seurat, Monocle).


Differential Gene Expression, Quantification Estimation, Plots (Heat Map, Volcano Plot etc.)


QIIME/DADA2 analysis of amplicon sequencing, whole metagenomics, long-read and functional analysis

NGS WES/WGS and Genomic Data Analysis

Alignment, Variant Calling, Multiple Sequence Alignment, Phylodynamics, Annotation and Segmentation


Specialized analysis of custom data or novel approaches to data processing, analysis and visualization


These include classification, regression, clustering and network analysis.

Comprehensive Bioinformatics analysis ExpertISE:


Various types of Omics data can be analyzed and integrated on the T-BioInfo platform. Genomic, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, and Metagenomic data can be analyzed and visualized. This is done through a pipeline builder that can also be used as an educational tool to understand the logic behind each step. Each method is explained with user-friendly inputs and a variety of visual and table outputs.


Multi-omics integration means we can combine molecular signatures from various omics as descriptors. The T-BioInfo platform offers a streamlined workflow for integration with technical ease of use. In order to find meaningful associations in heterogeneous multi-omics datasets, a mix of supervised and unsupervised multi-omics integration approaches are available like SNF tools, iCluster Plus and BiClustering


To make data more intuitive, we specialize in complex analysis and simple visualization. Tools that can make your life easier – simply view, explore, search and study analysis results instead of relying on additional 3-rd party plugins.

Hourly Consulting for requirement gathering, updates or analysis advice $65.00/ ₹5364 hourly as needed
Processing of NGS data: Transcriptomic / Metagenomic / Genomic / Epigenomic $75.00/ ₹6190 per sample 4-5 hours
Biological Interpretation and Visualization $45.00/ ₹3714 hourly 3 hours
Complex analysis: Custom, Machine Learning or Data Integration $55.00/ ₹4539 hourly 10-12 hours
Single-cell RNA-seq: Standard tools like Seurat or Monocl with custom visualization $135.00/ ₹11141 per sample 1 week or more
Specialized Research Support or Custom Projects Quote per project Quote

NOTE: We have special prices for low-income countries Academicians, Ph.D. Students etc. 

You can fix a 15-30mins exploratory meeting with our expert by clicking on the link below to discuss any query or pricing module in detail:

Our team specializes in advanced or standard bioinformatics analysis. We employ graduates from top universities that have years of experience and work with academic advisors that are experts int heir field. Moreover, we rely on an established infrastructure that enables quick turnaround times and various time-consuming aspects of the analysis to be completed at a fraction of the typical costs. To ensure high quality results, our projects are managed by research-experienced staff that take the time to understand the client needs and are capable in providing high level of specificity in their planning. Below are some examples of standard analysis and what they include:



  • Table of gene or transcript expression, variants, or OTU abundance tables
  • Mapping report with standard outputs (FastQC, mapping statistics, etc.)

Biological Interpretation and Data Visualization

  • Differential gene expression with pathway annotation for model organisms (human/mouse)
  • Variant calling and annotation, including haplotype analysis (i.e. COVID variant of concern, viral sub-populations)
  • Alpha and Beta diversity plots with phyla or genus level annotation (metagenomics – PhyloSeq)
  • Mutation variant visualization in ChimeraX/PyMol (protein, binding, structures)

Single Cell RNA-Seq (Transcriptomics)

  • T-Sne and/or UMAP plots with limited annotation, differential expression per cluster. Additional methods per project (Seurat, Monocle, etc.)

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The T-BioInfo platform offers a single interface to access various processing capabilities like phylogenetic tree reconstruction, multiple sequence alignment, variant calling from NGS genomic data, transcriptomic analysis of RNA-seq data, 3D structural analysis, and screening of small molecules as well as specialized pipelines for oncology, virology, neuroscience, and agrobiological applications.

T-BioInfo Research License

The Research License provides you with more flexibility to use the platform for proprietary data and manage large datasets via FTP. The research license provides you with 5 TB of space for personal research projects and prioritizes access to our HPC infrastructure, compared to non-research users.

First 3 months are required to get an account and then, $99/month will be charged automatically until the license is canceled. ($297.00 then $99.00 per Month. After your initial payment, your first payment will be $99.00.)

Research License
Educational License

T-BioInfo educational license

The T-BioInfo Educational license allows users to work with public domain data and perform standard analysis with no storage space for data.  The license is perfect for faculty, researchers or students.

This license can be tried for free (demo version) and upgraded for $75/month.  Membership can be cancelled at any time.

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