Research Internship

The Research Internship Program has been designed to help young researchers and students take advantage of the bioinformatics resources for analysis of complex life science data and become versed in bioinformatics.

Research Fellows participate in cutting-edge bioinformatics research led by expert mentors. The Research Internship program will offer a combination of online resources and mentor guidance to prepare you and help you complete a bioinformatics project.

Registration fees cover the costs of training, mentorship, and big data T-BioInfo Server. The platform is a cloud-based analytical server used by research labs and independent scientists around the world.

Research Internship Profile-points

Get Ready Through Training

Quantified skills in omics data processing, analysis and visualization

Whether you are just getting started with bioinformatics or you already have a lot of experience, there is always something new to learn. Our asynchronous coursework will prepare you for any challenges you might face with data analysis and biological interpretation.

Topics we cover:

  • Introduction to Bioinformatics and the basics of data in life sciences
  • Omics data types like genomics, transcriptomics or metagenomics
  • Data science and machine learning for non-engineers and biologists
  • R and Python programming and in-depth analytics for complex omics data
Research Internship Literature Review – 1

Find an Impactful Research Topic

Learn to perform literature review and plan out your project.

Be ready to learn from experts and find gaps in current research, uncovering opportunities to contribute real value to the scientific community. Follow the latest comprehensive review articles and focus on controversy, open questions and limitation of the latest studies.


  • Make your research question compelling to those already in the field
  • Set specific parameters to answer the research question conclusively
  • Find datasets that fit your objectives and explore them for batch effects or bias
  • Get feedback from our expert mentors on your topic and analysis proposal
Research Internship Presenting Project

Present your Analysis for Expert Feedback

Develop a complete project ready for expert review and feedback.

Once your project is prepared, it becomes the proof that you have understood the topic and analyzed data correctly. Expert feedback and peer review will identify gaps and omissions you can address before sharing the final results with the scientific community and the world.

Potential outcomes:

  • Expert feedback and overall evaluation of project quality, innovation and analysis execution
  • Poster presentation at the research fellowship meeting or research symposium
  • Path to collaboration with expert mentors or faculty at partner universities
  • Path to a full publication


T-Bio: omics Analytics Platform

OmicsLogic platform

Omics Logic is a modular program designed for students and faculty that seek to leverage molecular data and machine learning in a variety of projects. To learn more about the program, you can explore our online courses to get an overview of bioinformatics or to go deep into NGS data analysis. 

Attend our featured, Research Internship program to learn about various data analysis techniques (Transcriptomic Data Analysis), mine biomedical data, and get training on the specialization tracks to advance your research. 


The Comprehensive multi-omics analysis and modeling platform was originally developed at the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center and University of Haifa, Israel

Using this platform, you can combine many different omics data types into a systems-biology view of your project by leveraging the user-friendly consistent interface the T-Bio platform provides. Build workflow pipelines using our custom and/or open-source tools comparing their performance and addressing your specific challenges. 

Training for over 15,000 students

Academic institutes can customize their students’ learning experience by collaborating with us to design a bioinformatics program that will give your students and academic institution a competitive advantage through our signature efforts to teach relevant, practical examples that can be immediately transferred from the classroom to the bench.
Research Internship Specialization tracks
Research Internship Data Repositories
Research Internship Mentors
Research Internship Poster
Research Internship Presentations

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