Our Story

Pine Biotech is on a mission to simplify bioinformatics by enabling user-friendly multi-omics data processing, analysis, and integration. We strive to improve human health and well-being by innovating biomedical data science education, research and decision making.

Experts at the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center at University of Haifa, Israel, recognized the impact applied data science is poised to make in the context of molecular biology and biomedical research. This need and a vision for democratizing bioinformatics led to the development of a self-guided ‘omics platform (T-Bio) powered by HPC hardware, powered by Artificial Intelligence and at the same time transparent and reproducible by incorporating extensive educational features. This unique approach provides user-friendly  access to advanced supervised and unsupervised machine learning tools coupled with a logical interface to process raw omics data and allowing users of all levels to discover new insights across complex data types.

Pine Biotech is a tech transfer company from University of Haifa that was incorporated in 2014. The company expanded these efforts with educational curriculum and projects, eventually turning the platform into a comprehensive suite of hands-on project-based modules (OmicsLogic) designed for workshops and university-affiliated programs. Our team grew and moved into the Bioinnovation Center in the great city of New Orleans in 2016. We continue to grow: each day, dozens of people join our programs and we are regularly adding new staff to our team.


Dr. Alfred Tauber is the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Pine-Biotech. He is Zoltan Kohn emeritus Professor of Medicine at Boston University as well as Chairman of the Board of Governors at University of Haifa, Israel where he received an honorary PhD for his exemplary work in science and bioethics. In addition to more than 125 research publications in biochemistry and cell biology, numerous philosophical studies in immunology and historical articles chronicling biomedicine from the 19th to 20th Centuries, Dr. Tauber, who originally trained in hematology and oncology after graduating as a medical doctor, was also awarded the 2008 Science Medal from the University of Bologna

Dr. Leonid Brodsky is the Scientific Lead and co-founder of Pine-Biotech. As a PhD mathematician with more than 30 years experience in computational biology, biostatistics, systems biology modeling plus bioinformatics research and algorithm development, Leonid is an established name in the field with more than 50 publications. He is an active contributor to the University of Haifa’s data science and biostatistics program. Notably, his expertise and data analysis methods have contributed to numerous scientific discoveries and publications.

Elia Brodsky is the CEO and co-founder of Pine-Biotech. As a serial entrepreneur who founded three other companies, Elia gained operational experience in academia through extensive relationships with researchers and educators in the field of bioinformatics. He championed the Pine-Biotech team to be the grand-prize winner of the 2016 Pistoia Alliance President’s Startup challenge. Under Elia’s leadership, the T-Bio OmicsLogic platform has been piloted in more than 10 research collaborations, 5 University-led educational programs and has been recognized for its simplified approach to ‘omics analysis as well as for education


Elia Brodsky, Management
Elia Brodsky, Management
Julia Panov, Bioinformatics
Julia Panov, Bioinformatics
Avi Titievsky, Full Stack Developer
Sahil Sethi, Biomedical Projects
Joshua McKendall, Web and UX
Dr. Jo Calihan, Curriculum Developer
Dr. Jo Calihan, Curriculum Developer


We are always looking for talented bioinformaticians, curriculum developers, and great team players to join our team! To learn more, contact us.