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OmicsLogic 2022 Year In Review – A Look Back At What We’ve Accomplished & What Lies Ahead

With only a few days left until the end of the year, we’ve decided it’s the perfect time to summarize our 2022 achievements. If you haven’t taken a peek at OmicsLogic 2022 Events already, please do! đź‘€


OmicsLogic Partner Universities

Partnership Program

🏆 This year, we trained 45+ students and collaborated with 20+ faculties from Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, and received 30+ research projects, poster presentations, and hackathon submissions. Click HERE.

🏆 In the collaborative summer training program at REVA University, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, we trained 60+ students with 35+ students scoring full marks on their final exams and achieving 4000+ learn points on the portal. Click HERE.

🏆 9 Students from Stella Maris College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India underwent a one-month mentor-guided training with students completing 10+ diverse courses ranging from genomics, python, and machine learning. Click HERE.

🏆 At Asian University For Women, Bangladesh, we trained 10 students in a one-month-long mentor-guided program wherein an increased interest in learning genomics, bioinformatics, and R-coding course was observed. Click HERE.

🏆 In the 15+ training sessions held for students from Government City College, Hyderabad, India, students showed increased interest in bioinformatics, with 94.2% wanting to work on a research project. Click HERE.

🏆 At Georgetown University, Washington, D.C, a one-month long instructor-guided graduate course on Machine Learning in Python was offered with 8 students completing a machine learning-based research project.

🏆 In addition, we are looking forward to collaborating with Debre Tabor University, Ethiopia, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Hyderabad (NIPER), India, and Jashore University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh with whom we have signed a memorandum of understanding. Click HERE.

OmicsLogic BioMMED Virtual Training

Partnership Program

🏆Annually, OmicsLogic BioMMED Training Program trains students from National Association of IDeA Principal Investigators network which spans 23 states and Puerto Rico, Louisiana Biomedical Research Network, and Louisiana State University.

🏆 This year, we saw an overwhelming number of 195+ participants from NAIPI, LBRN & LSU with students achieving more than 26,000+ learn points. To learn more about top performers, Click HERE.

🏆 A number of participants (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral candidates to clinicians and professors) from more than 20+ different universities enrolled in the program this year.

🏆 Robert Mobley, NSF Postdoctoral Researcher in Biology, Louisiana (LBRN | LSU) secured the highest number of learning points (n = 26907) on the portal.

🏆  Rafael Aniu Peres, Research Laboratory Associate, University of Hawai (NAIPI) secured the highest number of learning points (n = 11894) on the portal.

Experts Recommended: OmicsLogic Courses & Example Projects

Get ready to explore the diverse range of courses and example projects. Sign Up: OmicsLogic Learn Portal.


Discover More With OmicsLogic Courses!

transcriptomics transcriptomics transcriptomics
From basic visualization to statistical analysis of differentially expressed genes, learn how transcriptomics is used – Click HERE. Learn to analyze and visualize any transcriptomic data using R libraries and packages – Click HERE. Learn to analyze and visualize any transcriptomic data using Python libraries and packages – Click HERE. 


What’s Trending In OmicsLogic Example Projects?


Role of High fat diet Effects of dietary Fiber Intake on Gut Microbiome Gut Microbiome
Decipher the role of microbial population in obesity and underlying diseases – Click HERE. Learn the therapeutic utility of altering microbial composition through diet – Click HERE. Learn how non-antibiotic drugs lead to neurological and developmental dysfunction – Click HERE.
Single Cell Transcriptomics Tuberculosis Tumor Heterogenity
Learn how single-cell profiling is used to dissect the heterogeneity of cell populations – Click HERE.  Discover how specific mutations are responsible for drug resistance in infections – Click HERE.  Learn how single-cell sequencing can be used to study treatment response – Click HERE.


T-BioInfo Server Updates

T-BioInfo is a platform that combines statistical analysis modules into pipelines to deal with heterogeneous big data. For interactive graphical visualization of your data, we have recently deployed – Dashboards! Learn More: Pine Biotech – Services


Transcriptomics : Single-Cell


Transcriptomics : Bulk

Quantification Estimation, Differential Gene Expression, Single Cell Analysis (Seurat, Monocle) – Click HERE. Differential Gene Expression, Quantification Estimation, Plots (Heat Map, Volcano Plot, etc.) – Click HERE.

Metagenomics Data Analysis


Custom Data Analysis

QIIME/DADA2 analysis of amplicon sequencing, whole metagenomics, long-read, and functional analysis – Click HERE. Specialized analysis of customs data or novel approaches to data processing, analysis, and visualization – Click HERE.

Genomic Data Analysis


Data Mining

Alignment, Variant Calling, Multiple Sequence Alignment, Phylodynamics, Annotation, and Segmentation – Click HERE. Classification, Regression, Clustering, and Network Analysis – Click HERE.

OmicsLogic Research Fellowship Program

OmicsLogic Research Fellowship

🏆 OmicsLogic Research Fellowship Program is designed to help young researchers and students take advantage of the bioinformatics resources for the analysis of complex life science data.

🏆 In 2022, we helped 45+ young researchers and students with varying educational degrees (high school, undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate, pos-doctorate) to carry out a project and publish it on our portal!

🏆 This year, we also trained participants from a diverse range of backgrounds including biologists, computer scientists, biotechnologists, medical professionals, bioinformaticians, and LOTS MORE!

🏆 Andrés Muedano Sosa, a high school student, and a former research fellow won Potamkin Prize and the 4th Award in the Biomedical and Health Sciences category at Regeneron-ISEF 2022! Read MORE.

🏆 Dilara Diken got accepted to Erasmus Mundus IMBRSea Program – a joint Master’s program organized by 11 European universities in the field of marine sciences, supported by the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC).

🏆 Shinjini Bandopadhyay and Harini Balasubramanian got accepted into Master’s Programs at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. With an acceptance rate of only 10-12%, it is one of the most difficult universities to get into.

OmicsLogic Research Publications 2022

As a part of the OmicsLogic Research Fellowship Program students have also gone to publish in top peer-reviewed journals! Check out this year’s student publications. 🎉🎉🎉 Enroll TODAY! 

Testimonials Testimonials
Learn how Rutvi’s research work revealed essential clues to the etiology of Multiple sclerosis. Read More. Discover how Supantha’s research work revealed insights to design a better vaccine against malaria. Read More.
testimonials Testimonials
Explore how Poonam’s research work identified efficient therapeutic targets to manage COVID-19 patients. Read More. Learn how researchers from University of Ghana are studying treatment resistance in P. Falciparum. Read More.


Omics Research Symposium

Omics Research Symposium

🏆 The Omics Research Symposium 2022 brought together students, researchers, faculty, and industry experts to discuss recent advances in the research, education, and training in the field of bioinformatics and data science.

🏆 35+ experts from Latin America, Africa to India joined the symposium and shared their insights on various topics and we had 2000+ attendees from different parts of the world.

🏆 Poster presentation competition themes consisted of Omics and Bioinformatics; AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science; Astrobiology, and Space Omics and Computational Biology in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry.

🏆 During the March 31 – April 01 2022 event, out of 21 shortlisted poster submissions, 4 research fellows won prizes in the category – “Promising Research Direction For Future Potential” and “Most Innovative Approach In An Established Domain”. Read MORE.

🏆 For the August 30 – August 31, 2022 event, out of the 16 shortlisted poster submissions, a research fellow won the first prize for “Best Technical and Research Project”. Read MORE.

Microbiome in Health and Wellness 

Microbiome in Health and Wellness

🏆 Brought together an international panel of top scientists, academic mentors, and industry leaders to discuss microbiome research and develop viable business ideas for health and wellness. Click HERE!

🏆 This month-long intensive training had 15+ expert-led sessions covering topics on overweight and obesity, vaginal health, skincare and beauty, microbiome business, and LOTS MORE! Click HERE!

🏆 5 qualified teams went on to address real-life problems in a diverse range of fields including vaginal health, skin diseases, neuroscience, and machine learning. Click HERE!

From Cheminformatics To Machine Learning: Upcoming OmicsLogic Programs For The Year 2023!

From Cheminformatics to Machine Learning, this New Year stay abreast of all the latest announcements about our upcoming courses and programs. Check our updates and learn something new as we welcome 2023! 🎉🎉🎉

Biomedical Data Science in Python Introduction to Bioinformatics; Multi-Omics
Are you thinking of working with biomedical datasets but must brush up on your programming skills? Then, Biomedical Data Science in Python is the RIGHT fit for YOU! Enroll TODAY! Learn how to leverage big data and effective data science tools for reproducible research through Introduction To Bioinformatics: Multi-Omics Program. Enroll TODAY!
Machine Learning for Health Informatics Cheminformatics
Positively impact the patient-physician relationship by analyzing clinical and medical informatics data through the Machine Learning in Health Informatics Program. Enroll TODAY! Enter the fascinating field of computational structural biology and drug discovery through the Cheminformatics for Biomedical Drug Discovery Program. Enroll TODAY!


OmicsLogic Achievements Feed

Our programs are enriched with multimedia content such as videos, assignments, and quizzes. Learning activity is analyzed and converted into user points & badges that help participants stay motivated. Find the top achievers on our portal HERE.


Job Listing: Academic, Internships & Experience Building Opportunities

To help you be a part of an evolving industry, we provide you with the latest job openings from reputed companies such as Google, Amazon, Novartis, Indian Biosciences, Pine Biotech, and MANY MORE! Click HERE. 

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