Omics Research Symposium (August 30-31, 2022)

The Omics Research Symposium is an event aimed at bringing together this network of experts, educators, and students from all around the world to learn from each other, interact and discuss advances in this field.
We are glad to announce the upcoming symposium on August 30-31, 2022, bringing together students, researchers, faculty, and industry to discuss recent advances in omics data and bioinformatics. Discussions will highlight challenges involved in research using computational tools for big data, opportunities in this outgrowing field, and applications of the advances in various fields – such as clinical, pharma & biotech, research, and agriculture.

The symposium will be accompanied by a poster presentation session and competition, awarding prizes and giving a stage to students, faculty, and research teams to present their research work and get expert feedback.

Symposium Topics: 

1.) New Advances in Enabling Technologies

2.) Career Opportunities

3.) Project Showcase and Poster Competition

Collaborations are essential to Pine Biotech’s success in understanding the challenges our users face and the difference we can make, so we embrace the philosophy that the sum is greater than the parts. As a result, we have developed extensive collaborations with research institutions and industrial companies across the United States, Europe, and India.

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