OmicsLogic Transcriptomics

Program Title: OmicsLogic Transcriptomics


Start Date: April, 2022
About the program:

OmicsLogic Transcriptomics is an online training program that focuses on the practical skills and applications of RNA-seq data analysis in biomedical research.

  • The program will provide participants with hands-on training and the theoretical background needed to effectively apply big data processing and analytical methods to extract biological insights from gene expression data.
  • In the program sessions, we review modern methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis of mRNA abundance with a major focus on bulk and single-cell Next Generation Sequencing (RNA-Seq).
  • Practical sessions will use a case study approach using curated project datasets to learn about generating a table of expression from raw FASTQ files and perform subsequent analysis of this table of gene and isoform expression.
  • We will cover standard statistical methods of analysis like differential gene expression as well as advanced data mining and machine learning for large-scale datasets. In conclusion, you will also be able to plan how to take what you have learned and apply it to an independent research project using the tools and methods covered in the program.
  • Processing of Gene expression NGS data
  • Differential Gene Expression
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (Principal component analysis: PCA)
  • Analysis of Gene Expression
  • Application of Data science for NGS data analysis using R & Python
  • Data Mining using the Multi-Dimensional Expression Data 
  • Using Machine Learning for Expression Data
  • Biological Interpretation, pathway analysis and downstream analysis

To learn more about the program, visit: OmicsLogic Transcriptomics

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