Omics Logic Partnership Program: An Innovative Training Collaboration Spanning Across Universities Globally

Over the past decades, universities have placed a huge emphasis on gaining academic prowess by acquiring the best faculties, the brightest students, and the latest technology.

Although these remain an integral component, students are now offered more educational opportunities and choices to choose from. With study-abroad opportunities on the rise, universities are forging long-term partnerships with international companies for placement opportunities and networking.

Omics Logic Partnership Program


Although industries and universities have different missions, there are several benefits to partnering with industry for universities: 


  • Partnerships help modernize the teaching and learning experience by offering new skills and tools to solve scientific problems.
  • As public funding is on the decline, partnerships help create long-term, secure funding for universities, especially for research.
  • Industry partnerships bring visibility, credibility, and prestige to universities, thereby, increasing competitive edge and university ranking.
  • Industries often work on big societal problems. Partnerships can lead to promising discoveries that are of national and global importance.
  • Partnerships offer industry-focused training and skillsets that set the student’s career.


Considering the increasing relevance of academic-industry collaborations, we have successfully been able to develop a well-strategized, structured training program – Omics Logic Partnership University Program, that is geared toward helping universities obtain maximum benefits from establishing such partnerships.


About Omics Logic Partnership University Program:


Omics Logic Partnership Program


The Omics Logic Partnership University Program provides personalized training and research experience to help participants develop critical scientific thinking, using modern bioinformatics, and data science practices on industry-relevant problems. The program has been successfully completed by 1000+ students from over 25+ universities around the globe.


The benefits and associated resources for students, program coordinators, and faculties include:


  • Access to the OmicsLogic Portal which offers a diverse range of comprehensive and up-to-date online courses on genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, and epigenomics to single-cell transcriptomics. 
  • The portal also offers example projects on oncology, virology, neuroscience, agriculture, and infectious diseases that are sourced from high-impact research publications.
  • For hands-on analytical experience and practice, students also receive access to the AI-guided and user-friendly T-BioInfo platform that combines statistical analysis modules into bioinformatics pipelines.
  • Course completion certificates can be showcased to a network of international academic and industry partners that offer internship opportunities to top-performing students.
  • Technical and research mentor support to resolve technical challenges and knowledge gaps that students might come across while learning.

The potential outcomes of program completion for students, program coordinators, and faculties include:

Partnership Program Examples: US, Indian and African Universities 

Omics Logic Partnership Program


Since 2017, we have been developing an innovative approach to incorporate healthcare data analysis and bioinformatics training, educational materials, and biomedical specializations into high school, undergraduate, and graduate degrees around the world. So far, the program has been completed by 1000+ students from over 25+ universities around the globe.


Starting December 2021, Pine Biotech has been collaborating with National Association of IDeA Principal Investigators network which spans 23 states and Puerto Rico. The ongoing collaboration with universities in the United States has been successful in contributing to elevating the level of biomedical research in underserved communities. To train the next-generation data-driven biologists, our partnership collaborations have also extended to training high school students as in the case of New Rochelle High School, New York.


In addition, much collaborative efforts have been placed in contributing to a future-ready and technology-based learning system for Indian students that would surpass the traditional teaching-learning methods: Amity University, Noida; Government City College- HyderabadAmity University, JaipurREVA University, BangaloreChandigarh University, PunjabChandigarh Group of CollegesIIMT University, Meerutand Rishihood University, Haryana.

Further, to address challenges in bioinformatics education, training, and research in Africa, we also have had the opportunity to partner with African universities: Crescent University, Nigeria, and Osun State University, Nigeria.

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