OmicsLogic Environment for Bioinformatics Education, Training, and Research – PRINBRE | NAIPI

OmicsLogic takes immense pleasure in commencing the online mentor guided training modules at the University of Puerto Rico in collaboration with Puerto Rico IDeA Network Biomedical Research Excellence (PRINBRE), NIH funded project.

OmicsLogic BioMMED programs are absolutely for LBRN | LSU | NAIPI students, researchers and faculty for the year 2022.

In this session, we discuss the training offered to NAIPI ( members through the portal.

To learn more about training in bioinformatics, genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, metagenomics and data science for NAIPI participating institutions.

Please visit: To explore NAIPI programs offered on OmicsLogic Bioinformatics training.

Project Based Training Modules in Bioinformatics and Data Science: A comprehensive collection to supplement online education and provide students and researchers with project-based training and research support.

We have also signed a partnership MoU with the National Association of IDeA Principal Investigators (NAIPI) a membership-supported non-profit organization to expand training in bioinformatics and data-science across the “IDeA” network which covers 23 states and Puerto Rico.

To learn more about us, visit:

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