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OmicsLogic India is the channel partner of Pine Biotech Inc. USA. started in 2019. Our vision is to build a collaborative thriving research ecosystem between academia and Industry to address challenges in Biotechnology, Pharma, agriculture, and other life science areas by applying computational biology & biomedical data Science for student training, capacity building, and cutting-edge research and training.

We also provide Services and Research Support to research labs and industries to analyze big data (NGS, ChipSeq, 16sRNA, RNA-Seq (Bulk and Single Cell)


Harness your data through the OmicsLogic educational program and certified training.

Developed in collaboration with universities across the world and leading experts in bioinformatics, OmicsLogic is a comprehensive and flexible program designed to help students, faculty and industry succeed in the age of data.

This program will help you learn what you need to know to advance scientific research and participate in the future of biomedicine. Learn how to mine high-throughput data and discover new insights — with coding exercises in R or Python and without coding on the T-BioInfo platform.

Streamline and scale up your research by leveraging our multi-omics T-BioInfo platform

The T-BioInfo platform provides user-friendly and intuitive access to multiple standard and custom data analysis methods.

These include processing various omics datasets like Genomics, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, Metagenomics, Mass-spec Metabolomics and Proteomics as well as structural biology data. The platform also provides analysis and integration capabilities for heterogeneous datasets using supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

Services & Research Support

1. Transcriptomics (Bulk & Single Cell RNA-Seq Analysis)

2. Genomics Data Analysis & Visualization

 3. Variant Calling (Cancer, COVID)

4. Epigenomics (WGBS, ChIP-Seq Analysis)

Differential Expression Dashboard: T-Bio Info Server

5. Metagenomics & Metabolomics (16s and WGS)

6. Custom Data Science, Visualization

7. Machine Learning Data Analysis

8.. Multi-Omics Integration

OmicsLogic Training Program

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Student Training Pathway
  1. Introduction to bioinformatics & understanding the Bytes and Molecules in life sciences
  2. Understanding Biomolecular data & Data analysis in Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics & Biomedical data-driven Drug Discovery, Application of Machine Leaning & Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  3. Introduction to NGS (Genomics, Transcriptomics, Metagenomics), Mapping on genome, transcriptome & database, and overview of NGS project example pipelines.
  4. Understanding the different analysis methods and outputs (Table of expression, Mutations & Variants, Operational taxonomic units)

  5. Machine Learning – Supervised and unsupervised methods (Clustering, Classification & PCA & H-Clustering) Coding in R & Python for bioinformatics (Loading data, analyzing biological data and visualization)

  6. Big Data Bioinformatics projects (Omics Biological research, Data Science & Drug Discovery, Precision Health & Medicine , Neuroscience, Agriculture and Biotechnology)

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Our team consists of bioinformaticians and data scientists that have years of experience collaborating with researchers and industry to develop solutions that leverage omics data. Our experience, unique solutions and passion to democratize bioinformatics have resulted in numerous publications, solutions used by thousands of researchers and collaborative projects in oncology, virology and neuroscience.

OmicsLogic Team India

We provide products, solutions and services so that everyone can analyze data and make new discoveries – without ever having to code. For further inquiries, please contact us:

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