All You Need to Know About Microbiome in Health & Wellness Hackathon

Unless you are already working in the tech industry, you are likely wondering – what is a hackathon?

A hackathon is often a competition-style event that brings together individuals to develop new approaches to solving problems. There are numerous benefits to participating in a hackathon including making new connections, finding potential employers and even bagging exciting funding and cash prizes!

That is why this November, we are organizing a hackathon on Microbiome in Health and Wellness to provide students with a platform to showcase their innovative mindset of problem-solving.

But Why Microbiome in Health & Wellness?

According to MarketsandMarkets, the human microbiome market is projected to reach USD 1,370 million by 2029 from USD 269 million in 2023.

Microbiome in Health & Wellness Hackathon - Investment in Research Overtime in Microbial Data AnalysisCredits: MarketsandMarkets

We can see that we are not just interested in the basic science of microbiome, but how it works. As a result, we are actually seeing a lot of interest in trying to apply these insights and translate them into some kind of a product or an intervention. That is why the hackathon aims to bring together students worldwide to connect, work and develop solutions to solving real world problems through data driven innovation.

Microbiome in Health & Wellness Hackathon Topics

In this hackathon, each student will have the opportunity to develop a mini project around the hackathon topic, participate individually or form a team with at least 2 other students, and compete against others for mentorship, support from established companies, and long-term interest from the business community. The applications of hackathon are in the fields of Obesity and Precision Nutrition, Innovation and Beauty Products, and Pregnancy.

Microbiome in Health & Wellness Hackathon

In the opening remarks of the webinar, Mr. Elia Brodsky, CEO, Pine Biotech, USA shared the vision behind hackathon:

“By bringing together people from the business community, research community and from the computer science background, we hope that this hackathon could be an opportunity to connect, innovate and solve problems by developing an out-of-box thinking approach to solve complex problems, and showcase their abilities to stand out from the crowd.”

In his talk, Mr. Elia Brodksy discusses what the hackathon is about and what kind of opportunities are present for students and researchers who are participating in the hackathon.

Microbial data analysis with QIIME2 on T-Bioinfo Server

The participants of the webinar were also joined by Dr. Raghavendran Lakshminarayanan, Computational Biologist & Research Consultant, Pine BiotechUSA. During the occasion, Dr. Lakshminarayanan expressed his views on why studying microbiome is crucial to bettering human health and wellness

“Why we are so interested in studying microorganisms is generally because the connection between disease and microorganisms has been well established since the 1800s. Now, more than ever, there is an increasing consensus that the microbes in our gut play an important role in our health and wellness more than genes.”

In his talk, Dr. Raghavendran Lakshminarayanan discusses what is microbiome, what are some of the sequencing technologies that relate to microbiome data analysis, how bioinformatic approaches help understand association of microbial population with the disease, and popular research publications that will provide ideas for students participating in the hackathon.

To know about associated hackathon resources, workshop mentors, registration costs and important dates, watch the video given below:

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