Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony: Debre Tabor University, Ethiopia & Pine Biotech, USA


The College of Natural and Computational Sciences, Debre Tabor University, Ethiopia, and Pine Biotech, Inc. USA signed a virtual Memorandum of Understanding on September 20, 2022, to promote international excellence in bioinformatics and data science research and teaching in higher education through academic cooperation, and mutual understanding.     About Debre Tabor University, Ethiopia

Debre Tabor University was established in 2008. It is a non-profit public university, officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of Ethiopia.

As its name suggests, the university is located in Debre Tabor, a town and woreda (district) in north-central Ethiopia.

The university offers a range of degree programs within the fields of technology, agriculture, medicine and health sciences, business and economics, social science and humanities, natural and computational sciences, law, information communication technology, and biotechnology. There are both undergraduate and graduate courses available for students to study.

Academic-Industry Partnership between Debre Tabor University and Pine Biotech

The MoU coverage is focused on:

  • Maximizing the collaborative participation of undergraduates, postgraduates, and faculty members in scientific webinars and workshops.
  • Helping faculties develop and integrate training curricula into students’ coursework by collaborating with an internal team of experts.
  • Providing personalized training and research experience to help participants develop critical scientific thinking using modern tools and practices.
  • Organizing international research symposium and hackathon bringing together top experts to discuss bioinformatics education, research, and industry.
  • Offering student placement guidance and facilitating start-up development ideas in bioinformatics and data science domains.

Currently, there is an insufficient human and infrastructure capacity to use novel bioinformatic tools and technologies in Ethiopia. In accordance with this, an MoU was signed by Mr. Negese Kebtieneh, Dean of the College of Natural and Computational Sciences, and Mr. Eyob Kassaye Wolella, Assistant Professor of Biotechnology, Department of Biology on behalf of Debre Tabor University, Ethiopia. Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Eyob Kassaye Wolella said, “Debre Tabor University is a new institution and lacks the necessary experience in bioinformatics. Since our university has very few bioinformatics-based research initiatives and expertise, this MoU will present enormous prospects.”


On behalf of Pine Biotech, Inc. USA, Mr. Elia Brodsky, CEO, and Dr. Mohit Mazumder, Global Business Development Head signed the MoU. In association with the collaborative agreement, Dr. Mohit Mazumder said, “This innovative collaboration will serve as a vehicle for training and mentoring the next generation of data-driven biologists who will contribute to addressing the present challenges and opportunities in bioinformatics research in Ethiopia.”

Once, the students are able to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts, they get the opportunity to further specialize in a particular field such as oncology, infectious diseases, astrobiology, agriculture, precision medicine, and data science. At this stage, the students enroll in the Research Fellowship Program, where they undergo rigorous mentor-guided research training on conducting a literature review, identifying data sets, performing exploratory analysis, statistical analysis, biological interpretation, and finally, writing a research project.

To help students showcase their work, get expert feedback, and network with peers and experts in the field, Pine biotech will also offer the students to present their work in hackathons and symposiums.

Students were also given a brief demonstration of how to navigate through the T-BioInfo Server – a platform that combines statistical analysis modules into bioinformatics pipelines. A short demonstration of how to run a bioinformatics pipeline was also described.

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