Machine Learning for Health Informatics

Worldwide initiatives in aggregating Healthcare data, and the healthcare sector moving towards value-based care raise the need for Biomedical Analysts trained to handle Healthcare specific use cases. Typically confined within the domain of Public Health only, today the scope of data-driven informatics in healthcare has extended to clinical outcome prediction, unstructured text data analysis, image classification, and even prevention of disease. As with any data science problem, solving a use case of healthcare requires domain-specific knowledge in addition to general data science skills. A mature Health Informatics company will need to have the perfect balance between healthcare experts and data scientists. Considering the scope and degree of complexity in health informatics, this course has been designed to skill up individuals who may come from the healthcare domain or data science domain.

A Guided Omics Logic Training Program with an experienced industry mentor. Hands-on training based on case studies, with a focus on the positive impact of analytics on the patient-physician relationship. HI OL

Who is the course for?

  • This course is designed for anyone interested in Health informatics data, Machine learning, and artificial intelligence applications in healthcare for local problems and help address global health problems.
  • This beginner-level course is available for students (Undergraduates & Postgraduates), researchers (Ph.D. & Post-Doctoral, Faculty), and healthcare professionals (Industry).

How Practical is this course?

  • This course is designed with introductory sessions to help beginners and practical and hands-on sessions with mentors to learn and practice what is being taught (Intermediate level with recorded sessions and personalized learning support by the team).
  • This course follows the omics logic pedagogy of asynchronous coursework mentor-guided sessions, practical assignments, and quizzes.

Pre-Register for the Program: Machine Learning for Health Informatics (omicslogic.com)

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