OmicsLogic platform

Introducing Omics Logic

The cost of next-generation sequencing and other techniques that provide comprehensive whole-patient data is decreasing rapidly, making personalized multi-omics analysis increasingly cost-effective and accessible. There is a long and costly effort to introduce precision treatment based on molecular data into both health delivery and pharma. A massive amount of data is available, yet few know how to use the data insights effectively.

Using multi-omics data in developing an informed, personalized approach to treatment, access to effective clinical trials, and preventive strategies can provide major cost savings in terms of avoiding ineffective treatments, expensive diagnostic regimens, etc.

With affordable whole-patient scale data just around the corner, the challenge has now moved into the realm of extraction of meaningful insights from the data. To get the most value from multi-omics data analysis in clinical applications, Pine Biotech has developed an omics-first machine learning platform, OmicsLogic.

The platform goes beyond analytics, integrating clinical knowledge with multi-omics raw data analysis for biomarker discovery and personalized molecular studies.

As the field evolves and data continues to become available, algorithmic innovation is poised to be a driving force in solving healthcare ecosystem challenges.

The wealth of data that is generated should be exploited – ultimately to improve care, and benefit consumers.

To learn more about the platform, visit:, get yourself registered for free and start learning basics of Bioinformatics and techniques used in different types of data analysis (Transcriptomic Data, Genomics Data, Data Science and ML Data analysis etc.)

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