Omics Logic Data Science

Data Science for Biomedical Data

Program Title: Omics Logic Data Science for Biomedical Data

Data Science for Biomedical Data

Start Date: April 2022
About the program:

Omics Logic Data Science is an online training focused on methods of data wrangling, visualization, and machine learning for complex biomedical data.

  • This online training will cover practical and conceptual aspects of data exploration, statistical analysis, and machine learning in application to high-throughput biomedical data using R and Python.
  • Throughout the course, students will get an understanding of supervised and unsupervised machine learning in the context of curated projects and coding challenges that illustrate methods, applications, and theory.
  • The course and module are designed as a combination of online resources, practical assignments, and live workshops that will be conducted online. Throughout the course, we will review several project examples that demonstrate the successes and limitations of conventional machine learning (ML) methods and deep learning (DL) using data from public repositories.

Included modules: The readings will be in the form of relevant publications that will be provided. All additional content, including coding practice for learning, will be available through the Omics Logic portal:

  1. OmicsLogic Learn portal:
  2. T-BioInfo server:

To learn more about the program, visit: Omics Logic – Data Science for Biomedical Data

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