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Our focus is to simplify biomedical data analysis and enable scientific discovery through engaging educational programs, research tools and innovative software.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us. We welcome collaboration with industry, postdocs, faculty, research and academic organizations to expand our educational content and to enhance our omics platform capabilities. This includes custom development and data science research.

EDUCATION: Contact us to learn more about our OmicsLogic educational program and how your academic institute can adopt it as part of your own hands-on bioinformatics curriculum to give your students the competitive edge they need to find jobs and advance their research and careers.

ANALYTICS: Contact us to sign up for a demo or gain a better understanding of how our omics platform, T-Bio, is licensed and used to simplify bioinformatics analysis through plug’n’play database integration and workflow pipeline construction. Or to discuss collaborative research with our team of data scientists.