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Cheminformatics For Biomedical Drug Discovery

Program Title: Cheminformatics For Biomedical Drug DiscoveryCheminformatics
About the program:

This program is designed to address the challenges associated with understanding, modeling,  screening, and applying Cheminformatics strategies to improve drug discovery results.

The process of finding a new drug against a chosen target for a particular disease usually involves high-throughput screening (HTS), wherein large libraries of chemicals are tested for their ability to modify the target. With contributions from leading researchers in academia and the Biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, and experts from the software industry, this comprehensive mentor-guided training program explains how cheminformatics enhances drug discovery. 

Two-day cloud-based hands-on workshop targeting structure-based

Drug designing. Participants will get practical experience and in-person guidance in using the Maestro GUI, covering the organic molecule sketching, protein selection, preparation, and screening for hit identification of molecules against therapeutic targets. The workshop will also include a brief recap of background theory for Molecular mechanics, Molecular Docking, and Molecular Dynamics via case studies on real-time industrial projects.

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