Growth Ambassador

What we’re looking for:

  • Articulate, responsible individual
  • A strong communicator, both verbal and written
  • A positive, friendly, and outgoing person
  • Current student at a University
  • A positive representative of the Pine Biotech brand
  • Someone who is actively engaged social media across multiple platforms 
  • A highly engaged member of college student life
  • Strong organization and time management skills

What this role would entail:

As a Pine Biotech campus ambassador you will be in charge of raising awareness and engagement for Pine Biotech’s activities, collaborations and new programs. Some of the ways you would achieve said goals are: 

  • Identifying campus-specific activation opportunities such as workshops, program demos, etc 
  • Organizing and coordinating campus events and meetings to promote Pine Biotech related events/products
  • Identifying and developing relationships with key faculty, club organizers, and life science students
  • Creating highly relevant campus groups and identifying students, clubs or organizations that will engage in these groups.
  • Be an advocate for how this product adds value to students’ educational and career goals
  • Sharing events and new programs across social media 
  • Collecting and reporting product/event feedback and relaying it to your manager 

This job is highly flexible to adjust to your schedule.

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