Faculty Coordinator and Education Development ( India )

What we’re looking for:

  • Previous research experience with several academic publications
  • A minimum of a Master’s degree, preferably a PHD in one of the following: Molecular and Cell Biology, Bioinformatics, Virology, Oncology or Neuroscience, preferably with knowledge of NGS data types and analysis methods.
  • Basic or advanced R, python and/or bash and good understanding of biostatistics and machine learning methods
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, and experience with public speaking
  • Experience and skill as a manager and organizational leader; including direct supervision, staff development, and planning for organizational performance
  • A passion for education, bioinformatics, data science and biology
  • Ability to manage and develop multiple programs and projects simultaneously
  • Ability to conduct Online sessions (Workshop & Webinar) & Offline Onsite Workshops
  • Ability to monitor and evaluate big data bioinformatics projects for faculty & students

What this role would entail:

You would be a key decision maker, working closely with our partners throughout India and the business development team on training program implementation in Indian Universities. This role will require close and regular interaction with faculty and administration executives to deliver program objectives. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Build strong relationships with faculty to further research and educational collaboration
  • Provide oversight, mentoring and educational instruction to faculty, staff, undergraduate, and/or graduate students
  • Provide leadership, oversight and scheduling of bioinformatics projects & programs
  • Responsible for the development, management and reporting bioinformatic projects & courses
  • Develop new bioinformatic service offerings to reflect advances in the field of bioinformatics and current research needs of clients
  • Develop new revenue generating streams in bioinformatics and work with the team in the completion of research and service projects.
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