Bioinformatician (Full-Time)

Experienced person with a good grasp on molecular biology and data science, interested in teaching, curriculum development and research project support. Team player and motivated independent person that can handle multiple projects ranging from research support to curriculum development. Bioinformatics analysis of multi-omics data with machine learning-based integration of results. Advanced analysis methods and results have to be transformed into …

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Spring 2019 Bioinformatics Research Internship

We are seeking a Bioinformatics Intern for a three-month paid internship. The goal of this internship is to provide life sciences students with an opportunity to participate in research projects and leverage bioinformatics and computational analysis. Projects focus on different research areas, including oncology, immunology, neuroscience, agrotech, biotech, ecology and others. Each project consists of various datasets, primarily focusing on -omics technologies. The analysis is conducted primarily using the T-BioInfo platform that combines public-domain and proprietary methods.

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