Account Manager:

We are looking for a high-achieving, self motivated college student to represent Pine Biotech with key accounts throughout Louisiana and SE US. In this position, you will lead marketing initiatives, developing campaign strategies, and building relationships with our customers and users throughout the region.


Working at Pine Biotech is an opportunity to grow and develop professionally as you gain direct access to our core team and gain opportunities to make an impact by advancing bioinformatics literacy, improving education and empowering cutting edge research.

Training and Research Opportunities:

We help researchers succeed at every stage of their careers. From our research fellowship to our professional development, Pine Biotech fosters bioinformatics skills and the development of a highly skilled and diverse biomedical research workforce. Explore opportunities to train with cutting edge industry technologies and to develop new insights in large “omics” data.

Campus Opportunities:

We are looking for high-achieving, self motivated college students to serve as Pine Biotech growth ambassadors for their college/university. Gain experience leading campus specific initiatives, developing campaign strategies, and building positive brand awareness.