Campus Growth Ambassador

Job Position: Campus Growth Ambassador


  • As a Campus ambassador student will be in-charge of bringing awareness and engagement for Omics Logic programs & gain the skillset for Bioinformatics & Research, Business Development, and Content Development.
  • Students will also get a chance to interact with other students and research scholars around the work and present their research work, as well as discuss and spread awareness about various OmicsLogic Bioinformatics Training Programs.We believe it is crucial for every researcher to learn, explore and go along the recent trends and technological advances to stay updated and add on the researcher community with their knowledge. We would like you to be a part of this revolutionizing change and guide students and researchers with the online resources which they can explore and get hands-on experience.

    Who are we looking for?

    • An articulate, responsible and committed individual
    • Someone Interested in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
    • A strong communicator, both verbal and written
    • A positive, friendly, and outgoing person
    • Current student at a College or University
    • Someone who is active on social media 
    • A highly engaged member of college student life
    • A person with strong organization and time management skills

    The Campus Ambassador Role:

    As a campus ambassador you will be in charge of bringing awareness and engagement for Omics Logic programs. Some of the ways you would achieve said goals are: 

    • Bringing recognition about Omics Logic to your area and traffic through social media outreach and activities
    • Identifying campus-specific activation opportunities such as workshops, program demos, etc. 
    • Organizing and coordinating campus events and meetings to promote Omics Logic programs and resources
    • Identifying and developing relationships with key faculty, club organizers, and life science students
    • Creating highly relevant campus groups and identifying students, clubs or organizations that will engage in these groups.
    • Be an advocate for how this product adds value to students’ educational and career goals
    • Sharing events and new programs across social media 
    • Collecting and reporting product/event feedback and relaying it to your manager 

    What are the benefits of being an Omics Logic Campus Ambassador?

    • A monthly stipend for completed assignments and tasks
    • Bonuses for achievement and exceeding your goals
    • Special recognition for your role on campus and with fellow students and faculty
    • An official title, letters of recommendation and opportunities to grow personally and professionally
    • Direct involvement with our marketing team for planning and execution of goals at a professional level
    • Understanding of marketing automation and effective outreach strategies

To learn more about the Campus Growth Ambassador Program:

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