Bioinformatics Training for LSU | LBRN | NAIPI students, faculty and researchers.

This training program is designed for everyone, including students who don’t have a background in bioinformatics, as well as life science researchers.

Research in life sciences is seeing an exponential growth in data volume, complexity and variability, placing bioinformatics, or data science for biological data, central to the learning path of anyone in this field.

OmicsLogic Training Modules are designed to address the pressing needs of students, faculty and researchers to deal with growing amounts of high throughput data generated in life sciences.

With a focus on accessibility, hands-on practice and project-driven design, these modules will help you get started and grow in bioinformatics.

As a result of this training, you will learn about Next Generation Sequencing data analysis. This includes processing and preparing data for analysis in application to Introduction to Bioinformatics, Genomics, Metagenomics and Data Science 

You will also get an overview of downstream analysis and interpretation of various types of  omics data using bioinformatics, including commonly used annotation databases, statistical analysis.

OmicsLogic BioMMED  programs are freely accessible for students, faculty and researcher from LSU | LBRN | NAIPI.

To register for the programs, please visit: this page, you will find information on the program training topics, syllabus and ways to register.

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