Start project-based bioinformatics education!

A full curriculum for bioinformatics education that brings cutting edge computational biology projects to your students. No hassle, no infrastructure setup – start teaching tomorrow with projects from top publications in a format suitable for all students without any previous experience in coding.

For Every Biotechnology Student

Our bioinformatics program is intended for students of all backgrounds, but they are especially important for biotech, biochemistry and molecular biology students that are entering a world of biology data.

Biological experiments generate massive amounts of big data. Hidden in this data might be the next cure for cancer, the link between a gene mutation and a disease, or the missing piece to the puzzle of an important biological process. Our students have to be efficient in laboratory methods and data science skills to allow them to be a part of this next wave of biological discoveries. Bioinformatics is on the intersection of equally important subjects of biology, computer science and mathematics. These courses provide cutting edge knowledge and hands-on experience to work with data while learning about important discoveries in these fields.

Exciting Applications for Engineering Programs

Computer Science and other engineering degree programs are preparing future professionals for the work in the exciting fields of Genomics, Precision Medicine and Biotechnology. To effectively apply technical skills in these fields, one is required to have a balanced understanding of key concepts and experience applying machine learning tools to specific types of data. Our courses and projects can help prepare students by giving them a broad overview of the bioinformatics landscape while engaging in exciting and practical hands-on projects.

Continuing Medical Education

Data is abounding in medicine and in particular, molecular biomarkers and complicated omics-based panels require a physician to be familiar with how the data is produced and how it could be utilized in the medical setting. Sharpen your knowledge and build essential skills to succeed in the age of precision medicine by taking a series of practical, hands-on courses that will not require any coding skills or long set-up times.

Hands-on Bioinformatics Education for everyone

Computational biology is providing a unique opportunity to study available data and make new discoveries. This experiential learning develops logical approach to bioinformatics and creativity with existing methods. Our project-based curriculum and intuitive online tools make bioinformatics education accessible and engaging by placing each student in an environment where complex algorithms are simplified and explained in the context of important and interesting studies.

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No Installations

There is no need for installations and our pre-made curriculum covers basics of running the platform while introducing project data that is already on the server.


The full curriculum is affordable and pricing is comparable to a typical textbook allowing the student to retain knowledge and develop a portfolio.


Rich multimedia courses allow the students to follow theoretical learning supplemented by practical assignments as they go.

Quick Advancement

By not spending time on technical aspects upfront, students can participate in advanced projects and utilize complex methods within weeks from starting.

Behind The Scenes

The founding team has years of experience in big data, bioinformatics education and clinical applications. We have established a wide network of collaborators with an international experience to design a comprehensive platform making big omics data analysis and integration affordable and fast.

Physician, Scientist and Philanthropist with a vision for Personalized Medicine and Big Data

Dr. Alfred Tauber

Founder and Visionary

Mathematician and Accomplished PI, Director of the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center

Dr. Leonid Brodsky

Platform Architect

Mathematician and Chief Scientist overseeing platform development

Vladimir Galatenko

Chief Scientist

Avi has years of platform development experience and a broad view of cutting edge technologies.

Avi Titievsky

Technical Lead