About- Pine Biotech

About- Pine Biotech

OmicsLogic Training Program

Pine Biotech provides a comprehensive suite of modular analytics courses for online or in-person training:
  • Applied ‘omics using real data from curated datasets
  • Hands-on learning of methods applied to your own data
  • Integrated into University curriculum for accreditation
  • OmicsLogic programs are developed using project-based content that is enriched with multimedia content. 
  • These are divided into 5-10 minute modules with videos, quizzes and assignments that can be completed independently.
  •  All commonly used omics data types are explained from a biological and data analysis perspectives.
  • For more details visit: https://learn.omicslogic.com/

T-Bio Informatics Platform

Multi-omics platform that hides the complexity of complex algorithms behind an intuitive visual interface:

  • Build high-throughput data processing pipelines without any coding experience guided by an intuitive interface
  • Analyze heterogeneous data types using supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods
  • Manage and integrate big datasets for insights into complex systems-biology processes
  • T-BioInfo is a Bioinformatics platform that combines statistical analysis modules into pipelines to deal with heterogenous big data. 
  • You will find the areas of analysis our platform can be used for: NGS Data, Mass Spectroscopy, Structural Biology.
  • For more details visit, https://server.t-bio.info

We provide products, solutions, and services so that everyone can analyze data and make new discoveries – without ever having to code. For further inquiries, please contact us:​

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