February update from Pine Biotech

This year’s Festival of Genomics in London was a great occasion to meet with companies and research organizations dealing with omics data and hear about the latest technologies and findings in this area. Dr. Priyal de Zoysa attended most of the conference and found that there are many opportunities for diversifying multi-omics integration functionality already present on the t-BioInfo platform. Prominent among the hot topics presented at FoG was the rapidly evolving area of personalized medicine which is transforming traditional drug discovery. This topic helped to kick-start our round-table discussion with Pharma and other research representatives on February 2nd and 3rd.  We now feel that t-BioInfo can play a major part in that transformation.

Our round-table and 1-2-1 discussions included over 20 people from various organizations, such as Pistoia Alliance, Astrazeneca, Merck, Intel, Elixir, ECRIN, The Institute of Cancer Research, and Genomics England as well as the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center. The presentations of our projects and methods were warmly received by our audience.  As expected, the interest shown by the participants was fairly diverse – from incorporating real world evidence into early stage research and target/therapeutic discovery all the way into complex omics dataset processing in areas such as microbiome or multi-omics integration. It was also exciting to get positive feedback on our newly introduced methods, such as clinical data security and compliance for the clinical version of the T-BioInfo platform and advanced association algorithm, BiAssociation, which provides new capabilities for integration and multi-stage association network mapping. The presentations can be seen on this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e2kxlc1j9lzk2xs/AAAaWN341UVwBg4KDHzagc-Ia?dl=1

As we continue to build these relationships, our goal is to make sure we are on track for our upcoming commercial release of the T-BioInfo platform for researchers by March. We plan the release of the educational and academic versions of the platform while we continue to work on clinical and translational research versions.

Currently, we are planning another round-table discussion in March in New Orleans that will be linked to strategic partnerships and commercialization plans.

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