Educational Seminar At Xavier University

Key members of the Pine Biotech team will discuss the promising development of bioinformatics for research and personalized medicine and introduce Pine Biotech’s current educational and research projects. An introduction by CEO Elia Brodsky will be followed by a discussion of Pine Biotech’s curriculum and bioinformatics education approaches by Pine education director Dr. Claudia Copeland. This will be followed by an overview of Pine Biotech’s research projects by Jaclyn Williams, M.S., who has been employing her background in big data bioinformatic analysis in research collaborations between Pine and Haifa University, Stanford University, Boston University, and others.

The Biomedical Data Seminar details are as follows:

  1.  Introduction: Elia Brodsky, Pine Biotech CEO (5 mins)

Brief introduction on the importance of big biomedical data analysis for precision medicine diagnostics, therapeutic target discovery and personalized treatment of complex diseases.

  1.  Educational curriculum: Dr. Claudia Copeland, Director of Education (15 mins)

Dr. Copeland will focus on training the next generation of data users. In contrast to previous bioinformaticians, who needed to have backgrounds in computer science, this next generation will include biologists and medical professionals in academic research, Pharma R&D, and clinical trials.  We emphasize hands-on practical workshops that de-mystify biomedical data analysis and make analysis less difficult through supporting tools for non-computer science users to get results. This will cover the coursework that Dr. Copeland has been preparing as the Director of Education at Pine Biotech.

III. Q&A: 5 minutes

  1.  Project highlights: Jaclyn Williams M.S., Biologist (15 mins)

Jaclyn’s talk briefly reviews public domain datasets as example projects being prepared to highlight the importance of artifact detection and removal, machine learning for feature selection, and unsupervised analysis methods in heterogeneous datasets. Jaclyn is a biologist and project manager at Pine Biotech.

Projects that could be briefly discussed are:

(1) PDX cancer models for tumor-stroma interaction;

(2) cell line modeling of personalized treatment selection; and

(3) analysis of American Gut microbiome data.

  1.  Q&A: 5 minutes

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