We value our many partners and collaborators. Here’s what they have to say about Pine Biotech:

“We have been working with Pine biotech for a number of years and the service the they provide is critical for the new type of quantitative science that is now critical to understand biological mechanisms. In particularly the statistic analysis, association and integration of diverse data sets is at the core of discovery and understanding of biological processes.”

Raul Andino, Ph.D. Professor Microbiology and Immunology

“Integration of multi-omics and clinical data will be key to implementation of precision medicine. Innovative startups like Pine partnering with academic health centers are the engine that will produce the novel algorithms necessary for this quantum leap in health care. “

Lucio Miele, M.D., Ph.D
Professor and Department Head, LSU School of Medicine, Department of Genetics Director for Inter-Institutional Programs, LSU Stanley Scott Cancer Center and Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium

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Our founders are field-leading bioinformaticians, Dr. Alfred Tauber, and Dr. Leonid Brodsky. Dr. Tauber is a hematologist and oncologist with professional and academic background from Boston University Medical School, Harvard University Medical School and Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital. He currently sits as Zoltan Kohn Professor of Medicine, emeritus, at Boston University and Chairman of the Board of Directors at University of Haifa, Israel. Dr. Brodsky, has been involved in research, specializing in biostatistics, mathematics and bioinformatics. His experience in data analysis and bioinformatics algorithm development for many years resulted in over 50 publications in the field including analysis of omics data, and he has an established name in bioinformatics. Elia Brodsky saw the commercial potential of the work of his father and Dr. Tauber, and saw the vision for Pine Biotech. He has experience in early stage startup development, including corporate development, business development and non-dilutive fundraising. He attended the Harvard Business School HBX CORe program and took multiple courses, and undertook projects in the field of bioinformatics, genomics and multi-omics integration.

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