Lonnie at Datacenter


Cloud storage offers users the capacity to access secure information from almost anywhere, such as in a lab, office, or even while traveling. Additionally, cloud solutions can assist with infrastructure limitations, a common problem faced by universities handling big data.
In addition, cloud solutions today are better able to meet the technical requirements of HIPPA, as modern cloud storage offers far more physical security than traditional on-site data storage. Additionally, cloud solutions have proved superior in adapting to rapid changes in technology.
HIPAA requires electronic protected health information (ePHI) to be safeguarded, and this increase in security can be quite a burden on hospitals that have not dealt with these issues previously. Cloud solutions can bring many benefits, including reliability, speed, and scalability.
Pine Biotech can utilize cloud solutions to meet your data and security needs.

Cloud storage for T-BioInfo is specifically designed for customers dealing with Protected Health Information, such as research centers and universities. The hassle of maintaining expensive, delicate computer systems can be removed by utilizing T-BioInfo in the Cloud.