T-BioInfo, the technology developed by the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center at the University of Haifa has a exclusive commercialization license with Pine Biotech. T-BioInfo is a Discovery and Decision-making platform that leverages big data analysis algorithms to provide deeper insight into cellular regulation that allows for development of biomarker diagnostics, identification of small molecule candidates for drug development, and strategic insight into overcoming pressing environmental challenges. The T-BioInfo platform combines proprietary algorithms and publically available methods while hiding the complexity of code-line interface with an intuitive visual interface that is consistent across genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and structural biology data analysis pipelines. This approach has been developed as a result of collaborations with leading teams in many scientific projects in virology, cancer, genetic diseases and agriculture.

By offering a combination of industry standard and proprietary algorithms and utilizing GP-GPU technology for high speed processing, the T-BioInfo platform can be delivered via remote (cloud) or local (hosted) access.


– Visualization of Complex Data Sets
– Team Collaboration
– Data Storage Solutions
– Easy to use Interface

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  • Visualization

    Utilizing modern web technologies, Pine Biotech is working with the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center to develop informative and interactive visualizations for genomic and other omics big data.

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  • Bioinformatics

    The analytical approach we have developed provides an opportunity to examine and quantify evolutionary dynamics on a genome-wide scale, and to integrate evolutionary information with structural and physiological data.

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  • Data Mining

    Advanced algorithms such as Principal Component Analysis and BiClustering provide researchers with ways of finding the needle in the haystack of big datasets, saving time and money.

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  • Discovery Platform

    Using our innovative approach to analysis and data mining of big biomedical data in collaboration with medical and scientific research teams, we can assist in drug and vaccine discovery, by integrating heterogeneous datasets and visualizing association networks.

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  • Cloud Solutions

    For customers not dealing with Protected Health Information, such as research centers and universities, the hassle of maintaining expensive, delicate computer systems can be removed by utilizing T-BioInfo in the Cloud.

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  • On-Site Installation

    The T-BioInfo platform can be hosted locally, on-site, for customers working with Protected Health Information and in need of HIPAA compliance, with ongoing maintenance by our staff.

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