In our age of technology, big data is not just a resource – but a new frontier in understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms, with enormous potential to enhance quality of life. From disease research to treatment, big data analysis can accelerate any area of discovery. The discoveries already made in the field—mainly stemming from research labs– are just the start of a big data revolution. The challenge is to enable a wider range of researchers and clinicians to take advantage of these new resources.

At Pine Biotech, our vision is to simplify bioinformatics and enable faster discovery of molecular diagnostics, small molecules, vaccines, and other therapeutics through our powerful multi-omics analysis platform, T-BioInfo. The platform’s machine learning algorithms were developed at the Tauber BioInformatics Research Center at the University of Haifa, Israel. Our goal is to bring the exciting new capabilities of big biomedical data analysis and integration into the hands of researchers through a simple and intuitive interface, innovative algorithms, integration, and visualization. We are now working on a clinical platform, called OmicsLogic that will handle an end-to-end integration and analysis capabilities that could be deployed for clinical research use.

About the company:

Pine Biotech was Incorporated in September 2014, and moved into the New Orleans Bioinnovation Center in 2016. Pine Biotech is commercializing a machine learning biomedical data analysis platform, T-BioInfo, in collaboration with the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center and the University of Haifa. The platform is designed to serve unmet needs in clinical studies, academic research and education. This solution is different than other biomedical analysis software currently available. The platform enables researchers to conduct comprehensive analysis of large data using an intuitive interface. Molecular data reveals important mechanisms of actions that are best studied as a system, making this integrative approach critical for understanding and treating disease. The machine learning platform utilizes algorithms developed over years of research and trained in many academic projects.


Pine Biotech was a participant in the Idea Village “CapitalX ” and Propeller startup growth accelerator programs and is a member of the Pistoia Alliance . In October 2016, the company won first place in the Pistoia Alliance Startup Challenge in Boston, Massachusetts. Pine Biotech’s platform was the project of choice for the Loyola MBA Lean Launchpad program. Recently the company announced it raised a total of over $1 million from angel investors , in addition it is the recipient of academic research grants in collaboration with the University of Haifa’s Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center, and has conducted projects in coordination with LSU Health Science Center, UCSF, and others. Currently, the company employs 6 people in New Orleans and Israel.

“We have been working with Pine biotech for a number of years and the service the they provide is critical for the new type of quantitative science that is now critical to understand biological mechanisms. In particularly the statistic analysis, association and integration of diverse data sets is at the core of discovery and understanding of biological processes.”

Raul Andino, Ph.D. Professor Microbiology and Immunology

“Integration of multi-omics and clinical data will be key to implementation of precision medicine. Innovative startups like Pine partnering with academic health centers are the engine that will produce the novel algorithms necessary for this quantum leap in health care. “

Lucio Miele, M.D., Ph.D
Professor and Department Head, LSU School of Medicine, Department of Genetics Director for Inter-Institutional Programs, LSU Stanley Scott Cancer Center and Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium

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Our main product is in BetaTesting and further development in Pilot Studies. There are several versions of the product planned:

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Our product has numerous applications in the field of research, assisting researchers with analyzing and visualization diverse sets of biological data.


Pine Biotech is developing a set of online educational courses designed to teach professionals and students the basics of bioinformatics, and how to use the T-BioInfo platform’s features.


We recognize the opportunity to facilitate clinical research and development of new drugs and therapies for cancer, genetic disease, and DNA and RNA viruses.


T-BioInfo, developed by the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center at the University of Haifa has a exclusive commercialization license with Pine Biotech. T-BioInfo is a Discovery and Decision-making platform that leverages big data analysis algorithms to provide deeper insight into cellular regulation that allows for development of biomarker diagnostics, identification of small molecule candidates for drug development, and strategic insight into overcoming pressing environmental challenges. The T-BioInfo platform combines proprietary algorithms and publically available methods while hiding the complexity of code-line interface with an intuitive visual interface that is consistent across genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and structural biology data analysis pipelines. This approach has been developed as a result of collaborations with leading teams in many scientific projects in virology, cancer, genetic diseases and agriculture.

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The T-BioInfo multi-omics data analysis and integration platform is designed to facilitate a distributed infrastructure where data security, computational resources, and integration with existing online repositories is considered. Our current prototype is being developed as a hybrid-cloud solution that could be integrated with existing infrastructure and will provide access to cloud computing resources on-demand, for only those algorithms that are required in a pipeline. Pipeline assembly is performed on-the-fly in consideration of user input and data formats. Integration of secure patient data or proprietary information is performed on the customer end thus making it secure. The platform is being developed for bioinformaticians and non-bioinformaticians alike and is designed with integrated educational modules and sample small datasets that can be used to jump-start the analysis. One one hand, experienced bioinformaticians can deploy complex analysis pipelines in secure and efficient cloud environment and collaborate with non-bioinformaticians in meaningful data interpretation.



The cost of next-generation sequencing and other techniques that provide comprehensive whole-patient data is decreasing rapidly, making personalized multi-omics analysis increasingly cost effective and accessible. At the same time, using multi-omics data in developing an informed, personalized approach to treatment, access to effective clinical trials and preventive strategies can provide major cost savings in terms of avoiding ineffective treatments, expensive diagnostic regimens, etc. With affordable whole-patient scale data just around the corner, the challenge has now moved into the realm of extraction of meaningful insights from the data. Pine Biotech provides an analytics layer that integrates clinical knowledge with multi-omics raw data analysis for biomarker discovery and personalized molecular features that can guide individualized treatment. Our product in development is OmicsLogic. OmicsLogic is a Machine Learning platform for big biomedical data incorporating analysis pipelines for multi-omics (sub cellular molecular data) and clinical data using an intuitive interface, interpretation platform and visualization tools.  Our tools work in a synchronized way across clinical care, clinical trials and research for a full ecosystem that supports innovative precision medicine approaches to healthcare.

Who are the customers? Clinicians, universities, research institutions


Key team members:

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Our founders are field-leading bioinformaticians, Dr. Alfred Tauber, and Dr. Leonid Brodsky. Dr. Tauber is a hematologist and oncologist with professional and academic background from Boston University Medical School, Harvard University Medical School and Brigham’s and Women’s Hospital. He currently sits as Zoltan Kohn Professor of Medicine, emeritus, at Boston University and Chairman of the Board of Directors at University of Haifa, Israel. Dr. Brodsky, has been involved in research, specializing in biostatistics, mathematics and bioinformatics. His experience in data analysis and bioinformatics algorithm development for many years resulted in over 50 publications in the field including analysis of omics data, and he has an established name in bioinformatics. Elia Brodsky saw the commercial potential of the work of his father and Dr. Tauber, and saw the vision for Pine Biotech. He has experience in early stage startup development, including corporate development, business development and non-dilutive fundraising. He attended the Harvard Business School HBX CORe program and took multiple courses, and undertook projects in the field of bioinformatics, genomics and multi-omics integration.