Modern advances in personalized medicine have used technology to characterize a patient’s fundamental biology, in terms of DNA, RNA, or protein. This can be used to classify a disease (such as breast cancer subtype) or to characterize important details of the patient (such as genes related to drug response for a particular treatment). These techniques can also be used in research on diseases such as cancer and genetic diseases.

Personalized Medicine Case Studies

Genetic Diseases

There are hundreds of known genetic diseases with researchers discovering more each day. Misdiagnosis can delay proper treatment, resulting in unnecessary pain, suffering, and even death. Providing healthcare professionals a quick, accurate, and affordable technique for diagnosing genetic diseases will drastically improve the lives of many.

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The variety of cancer mutations means that effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer must take into account a high degree of complexity. By sequencing individual cancer genomes, researchers and physicians may develop more targeted medical solutions. Cancer is the second major cause of mortality in the United States and targeted cancer therapies are bringing about an exponential increase in effectiveness over traditional cancer therapies. Learn More to find out how Pine Biotech is tackling these issues.

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