The world of big data is constantly changing and improving. This explosion in knowledge is accompanied with the need for scientist from all backgrounds to find ways to integrate these concepts within their own work and allow them to identify new, meaningful information with either new or old data. Our platform simplifies the computational approach to allow for scientist of all backgrounds to move forward in the big data world.

Education Case Studies

Visual Computational Biology

Visual computational omics can be a useful approach for data interpretation and analysis. Visualizations can offer different perspectives on similar biological data. One issue that is solved using visualization technology stems from the complexity of biological networks, including physical interactions, genetic interactions, and protein-protein interactions. Visual computational biology allows for these networks to be translated into significant biological relationships and meaningful biological interpretations.

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Education for Personalized Medicine

Big data offers the potential to disseminate knowledge with physicians struggling to stay current with the latest clinical practices as well as answer significant biological questions that would otherwise not be possible to answer. Personalized medicine allows for the tailoring of treatments for an individuals needs.

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