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“We simplify bioinformatics and enable discovery of molecular diagnostics, small molecules, vaccines, and other therapeutics through our powerful multi-omics analysis platform, T-BioInfo. Our goal is to bring the exciting new capabilities of big omics data analysis and integration into the hands of biomedical researchers through a simple and intuitive interface, innovative algorithms, integration, and visualization. We believe that, in the hands of biologists and medical researchers, our platform will enable discoveries that will enhance personalized healthcare and precision medicine. Our major scientific partner in bioinformatics, the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center at University of Haifa, developed T-BioInfo as a powerful bioinformatics platform for the analysis and integration of heterogeneous types of high-throughput data.”

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Working with Pine Biotech has been an immense pleasure thanks to their willingness to provide great tutorials and a platform which allows us to truly understand how to best analyze our big data sets. We are certain as Pine Biotech continues to develop new algorithms for varied areas of analysis we will be able to find novel insights relevant to disease states in the future.

Cecilia Sanchez
Tulane University

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