“We simplify bioinformatics and enable discovery of molecular diagnostics, small molecules, vaccines, and other therapeutics through our powerful multi-omics analysis platform, T-BioInfo. Our goal is to bring the exciting new capabilities of big omics data analysis and integration into the hands of biomedical researchers through a simple and intuitive interface, innovative algorithms, integration, and visualization. We believe that, in the hands of biologists and medical researchers, our platform will enable discoveries that will enhance personalized healthcare and precision medicine. Our major scientific partner in bioinformatics, the Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center at University of Haifa, developed T-BioInfo as a powerful bioinformatics platform for the analysis and integration of heterogeneous types of high-throughput data.”

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  • Education

    Big data represents one of the fastest growing areas in education and one of the biggest challenges currently facing tech companies in this era. The world of big data is constantly changing and improving. This explosion in knowledge is accompanied with the need for scientist from all backgrounds to find ways to integrate these concepts within their own work and allow them to identify new, meaningful information with either new or old data. Our platform simplifies the computational approach to allow for scientist of all backgrounds to move forward in the big data world.

    Personalized medicine, made possible by big data, allows for the tailoring of treatments for an individuals needs. The testing of genetic information before treatment can allow patients to avoid taking medications that may be harmful or ineffective. This allows for physicians to tailor each individual patients treatment by their genetic information.

    For example, Warfarin, a commonly prescribed anticoagulant, dosage can be changed for optimal treatment by understanding the genetic markers that affect a patient’s metabolism. While this field is still developing, a targeted drug therapy could be produced for each individual patient and increase the success rate for illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.

  • Personalized Medicine

    According to the Global Oncology Trend Report, global spending on cancer medications rose 10.3 percent in 2014, bringing the total to $100 billion, up from $75 billion in 2010. A patient’s genetic composition is highly indicative of their response to treatment. Modern advances in personalized medicine have used technology to characterize a patient’s fundamental biology, in terms of DNA, RNA, or protein.

    Genetic Disease: There are hundreds of known genetic diseases with researchers discovering more each day. Misdiagnosis can delay proper treatment, resulting in unnecessary pain, suffering, and even death. Providing healthcare professionals a quick, accurate, and affordable technique for diagnosing genetic diseases will drastically improve the lives of many.

    Cancer: The variety of cancer mutations means that effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer must take into account a high degree of complexity. By sequencing individual cancer genomes, researchers and physicians may develop more targeted medical solutions. Cancer is the second major cause of mortality in the United States and targeted cancer therapies are bringing about an exponential increase in effectiveness over traditional cancer therapies.

  • Agriculture

    Big data can be integrated with Agrotech to help address major global issues such as climate change and food security. The use of biotechnology will be the core of agricultural sustainability, as it’s estimated the world population will reach nine billion by the year 2025. Our company delivers many solutions to help agricultural industries face the future.

    To defend against the threats posed by climate change, pathogens, and insects, bioinformatic analysis can be used to identify and enhance the natural defenses and adaptation of plants to changing conditions. As the agriculture industry moves into a “data-centric” era, the information we glean will help farmers meet the growing needs of an expanding global population. The demand on agriculture is expected to increase by 70% in the next ten years, making an increase in productivity absolutely vital. Biotechnology, with a focus on “omics”, can help farmers to increase their productivity.

    Pine Biotech wants to deliver the best data into farmers’ hands and improve agriculture by providing solutions for farmers to get more value from their crop growth than ever before.

  • Virology

    Better understanding of viral genomics and virus-host interactions via high throughput sequencing technologies like CirSeq can allow for a better understanding of viral diseases. Our platform provides computational big-data analysis tools and workflows that empower researchers to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities in diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccine research.

    Better understanding of viral genomics and virus-host interactions can lead to a better understanding of viral diseases. RNA viruses exist as genetically diverse populations; their ability to rapidly adapt helps to determine their diversity. In recent years, the danger of RNA viruses been demonstrated with several examples of emerging or re-emerging diseases.

    With rapid urbanization, globalization, and increasing human populations, the possibility of a pandemic outbreak is a serious threat.Recently, a new method of RNA circularization was developed to help overcome the challenge of error rates in next generation sequencing. This method, one of the most powerful in our platform, is called CirSeq.

Working with Pine Biotech has been an immense pleasure thanks to their willingness to provide great tutorials and a platform which allows us to truly understand how to best analyze our big data sets. We are certain as Pine Biotech continues to develop new algorithms for varied areas of analysis we will be able to find novel insights relevant to disease states in the future.

Cecilia Sanchez
Tulane University